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The Hall of Vape was held from May 5th to May 6th 2018 at Stuttgart in Germany. It was an expo in the south of Germany for all vapes and vape enthusiasts. Sigelei was honor to join this illustrious international expo to allow our customers know more about us, and provide a place to let them try our products.

During this period, Sigelei and our partners met over 20,000 vaping enthusiasts and over the world. Sigelei demonstrated and shared with them the newest products in the vape expo at Sigelei Booth 1B70, such as Sigelei Top1, Fuchai R7, Vcigo K3. Besides, the classic products, such as Sigelei 213W, Fuchai 213, Vcigo Moon Box, are also beloved by Sigelei fans. The good qualities gained their appreciations.

The enthusiasms from visitors and the innovation development in this industry inspired and encouraged Sigelei to move forwards. We believe Sigelei will make the better service and relationship with our devoted fans in future.

Here are highlights from The Hall of Vape:

Thanks for all your support and trust in Sigelei, see you next year!

Sigelei Marketing Team
9th, May, 2018