Exploding e-cigs – Bad Technology or Bad Practice?
We’ve all heard about e-cigs exploding and it’s almost become one of the main arguments against vaping. In the U.S between 2009
and 2015 there had been 92 e-cig explosions reported by the FDA and another 66 occurring in 2015 and early 2016.
There’s a number of reasons why e-cigs have been exploding and almost all of them are down to the user.
So has it all been taken out of proportion?
The answer largely is yes, it’s rare for e-cigs to explode, in 2015 there was estimated to be 10.8 million vapers in the U.S alone. Going
off the statistics I mentioned there’s around a 1 in 160,000 chance of your e-cig exploding (You have a 1 in 4000 chance of being hit
by a car) but if you follow our advice there will be less risk.
So why are e-cigs exploding, how dangerous are they and how can you avoid something so disastrous?
Batteries when damaged or old can overheat and even explode and this isn’t a new thing and certainly isn’t something that is unique
to e-cigs?
There’s ways to maintain your battery to reduce the risk and prevent your battery from overheating, combusting and exploding.
The first and most obvious way is to replace your battery when it starts losing charge quickly, this often happens with old batteries but
this can cause them to overheat. Another way is to check your battery for damage, dents in the battery of tears and scratches in the
casing. If part of your battery is exposed and the positive cell of the battery comes into contact with through a conductive material it
will short circuit causing it to overheat and burst into flames.
To prevent damage to your battery we recommend that if you do take your battery out of your device or carry spares then keep them in
a protective container. You can find containers at retailers online specifically for storing electronic cigarette batteries.
Not every reason for electronic cigarettes exploding is due to the condition of the battery though, a large number of e-cigs exploding
has been due to Sub-Ohm mechanical mods, unregulated builds and poorly made e-cigarettes.
Mechanical mods allow the user to set the resistance and voltage. There’s no problem with this if you have an understanding of Ohms
law and the maximum discharge rate of your battery. There’s a number of cases where people have set their mods up in a way that
has caused their battery to overheat and explode.
A good way to get around this is to get a regulated device which allows you to control the Voltage and Wattage within a safe range.
Sigelei offers a large number of high quality regulated box mods that have safeguards in place to prevent damage to the user and


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