Sigelei T200

In 2016, the latest products

SIGELEI T200 using 2.4'' TFT high definition touch screen, supporting various modes and wires, meanwhile also supporting the APP Bluetooth connection. The new appearance and perfect hand feeling will give you a fresh experience.

Capacitive Touch Screen Control

2.4'' TFT High Definition Touch Screen

Touch it, Feel it

  • Gun-metal

    Drawing the epidermis

  • Silver

    pure color

  • Stainless Steel

    Pure color

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Max power 200W

Temperature Control/Wattage mode


Power mode:10W-200W


Temperature control mode:10W-70W

APP Bluetooth

Support the APP Bluetooth connection

Technical characteristics

More technical functional features

  • Over Time Setting

    The maximum vaping time duration during the current operating mode,temperature control mode vaping time duration from 10s to 20s;Power mode vaping time duration from 5s to 10s.

  • Puffs Limit

    Vaping puff is limited from 0 to 1000T daily.

  • C\F Setting

    Under the temperature control mode, the device can execute the C/F unit conversion instruction under the temperature control mode.

  • Overheating Prevention

    High temperature automatic protection, for the sake of your health

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Sigelei T200
  • Zinc AlloyMaterial
  • 2.4Touch screen
  • 200WMax power
  • APPAPP Bluetooth connection

Suggest to use authentic LG/SONY/SAMSUNG 35A high-drain batteries.

Size and Net Weight

Size:95*53*25 mm

Net Weight:160g

Cor parameter

Wattages Range: Power mode:10W-200W; Temperature control mode:10W-70W

Modes: POWER、SS(304/316/317)、Ti1、Ni200; Custom TC modes: TCR/M1、TCR/M2、TCR/M3、TCR/M4、TCR/M5

Voltage Output: 0.5V-7.5V

Voltage Input: 6.4V-8.4V

Battery: Dual 18650 high drain battery

Temperature Range: 00℃-300℃/212℉-572℉

Resistance Range: 0.05Ω-2.5Ω

Packing list


The instructions

Warranty card

Charging line

note : Listed on this page configuration and parameters are the actual products shall prevail, if there is any change, without prior notice.

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